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Engineered Foundation Drawings for Factory-built Building

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Thank you for your interest in ordering foundation plans (construction drawings) for your mobile or modular (factory built) home. Unfortunately, we are no longer taking any more clients for creating foundation design drawings for new factory built homes.

If you need a foundation certification on your already-installed (existing) factory-built home, please feel free to order a foundation certification. We will be glad to you help you.

Thank you.

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Please read...

It appears that you have chosen "Existing" as the home type; meaning the home is already placed at the site. Is this correct?

Yes, the home is already placed at the site
(This means someone is living in the home, or the home has been lived in.)

No, the home has not yet been placed at the site
(This means the home is brand new or you are awaiting it's arrival.)

Important, Please Read.

Because this home has already been placed at the site, you most likely need us to provide you with an Engineer's Report (also known as a Permanent Foundation Certification). If your home is existing, 9 times out of 10 you don't need a "foundation designed" or "engineered drawings". This is a common misconception.

When you order from us an Engineering Report (Foundation Certification) on an existing home it will tell you if your home is compliant to the standards, or if a retrofit needs to be completed to bring it up to standards. If your existing home needs a retrofit, our engineer will determine the minimum retrofit necessary to bring your existing foundation into compliance - but an engineering design of foundation drawings is not necessary for an "Existing" home (one already placed at the site).

Please confirm how you would like to proceed:

I believe I just need an Engineering Report
(also called a Foundation Certification)

I still want to order Engineered Drawings

Important, Please Read.

It appears that you've chosen "NEW" for the home type. By our definition, "NEW" means that we will be providing Engineered Foundation Drawings for this home (and also, possibly, inspection services). "NEW", means that you will definitely be ordering Engineered Foundation Drawings.

If you do not need Engineered Foundation Drawings, but only inspection services, then by our definition, this is considered "EXISTING".

Please confirm your selection by clicking one of the links below.

This is NEW home and I will be ordering Engineered Foundation Drawings
(this may also include inspection services)

I do not need Engineered Foundation Drawings, only Inspection Services